Corporate Events

Planning entertainment for large groups can be challenging. How do you find the right social activity for a company or corporation where everyone can get involved? Include a Modern Square Dance as part of the program! Eric will have everyone on their feet dancing in no time! This is the perfect way engage your group in a fun-filled activity that will have them smiling and laughing with everyone (even people they don't know)!

Eric brings state of the art sound equipment and can facilitate events up to 2000 people. His program includes teaching and calling Modern Square Dancing and teaching some simple line and circle dance mixers. Afterwards, Eric can play music from the 60s/70s/Disco/Top 40 for general dancing pleasure. He is licensed by both BMI and ASCAP to play recorded music, relieving your organization from possible liability.

This is an exciting entertainment alternative to hiring “just a DJ”. Think “Modern Square Dancing” for your next company awards dinner, Christmas/Holiday party, company picnic, summit meeting or retreat!